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What is Apex Vitality Serum Of Youth?

Aging is an inevitable process, but there are many aspects of aging that you may have not been fully prepared for.

Many people talk about how your memory performs worse, or about arthritis setting in.

However, the most obvious sign of aging is written all over your face in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.

You may want to retain some part of your youthful self,
which is while many people turn to the powerful formula found in Serum Of Youth by Apex Vitality.

The Apex Vitality Anti-Aging Serum is designed to help give you younger skin in a matter of three weeks, on average.

This formula is silky and easy to apply, helping to smooth out the textures that are foreign to your previously young self. 

Many consumers think that you can’t get results like these from a topical skincare product, but it is actually the safest and least invasive remedy you can make.

Laser treatment can be expensive to handle your wrinkles, but plastic surgery has the added pain of healing.

Injections may seem cost-efficient, but you have a slight risk of infection or poor side effects.

By taking the time to nourish your skin instead of add toxins underneath it, you have a better chance of eliminating unwanted wrinkles.

Main Ingredients


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together.

It is found in the bones, muscles, skin and tendons, where it forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure. 

There are many medical uses for Collagen, one of the primary uses today pertains to skin and beauty.

Injections of collagen can improve the contours of the skin and fill out depressions.

It can be used cosmetically to remove various lines and wrinkles from the face, as well as scarring (including acne), so long as the scars do not have a sharp edge.

Collagen fillers can originate from human and bovine sources.

Collagen is used to fill relatively superficial defects. More extensive defects are usually filled with substances such as fat, silicone or implants.

Many products containing collagen, including creams and powders.

Due to the size of the collagen molecules some say that it cannot be absorbed through the skin, others say it can.

The benefits of these products, where they exist, are most likely attributable to their moisturizing effects.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (also known as hyaluronan) is a glycosaminoglycan, a type of molecule composed partly of sugars.

Hyaluronic acid is actually a natural structural component of skin and is present in connective tissue throughout the human body.

The magic of this ingredient lies in its ability to retain moisture; it’s considered to have a greater capacity to hold moisture than any other natural or synthetic polymer. In fact, one gram of hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to six liters of water!

This is important with regard to aging because one of the hallmarks of youthful skin is its moisture content. As we age, our skin loses moisture, resulting in a loss of firmness and pliability.

Note: This does not mean that everyone’s skin becomes dry with age; it simply means that skin lacks the amount of moisture it had in its youth due to sun damage and/or other factors. Without question, you can still have oily skin in your 60s (perhaps just not as oily as it was in your 20s).

Hyaluronic acid can improve your skin’s moisture content and at the same time strengthen skin’s barrier; that is, the outer layers of your skin.

Hyaluronic acid also provides antioxidant defense against free-radical damage, and reduces inflammation.

Vitamin C

The antioxidant properties of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and its role in collagen synthesis make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health. 

Dietary and topical ascorbic acid have beneficial effects on skin cells, and some studies have shown that vitamin C may help prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV)-induced photodamage.

While vitamin C is an important nutrient for overall health, little reaches the skin when orally ingested.

As levels of vitamin C in the skin decline with age, replenishing levels directly in the skin can help combat collagen degradation and oxidative stress.

Results from clinical trials show that when applied topically, vitamin C promotes collagen formation and mitigates the effects of free radicals, helping to maintain firm and youthful skin.

Throughout history, women have always found ways to enjoy the anti-aging effects of vitamin C on their skin.

In Tibet during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), women who wanted to fight the outward signs of premature aging would rub sea buckthorn on their face and hands. The golden-orange berries of the sea buckhorn plant yield a deep-colored oil that is a major source of vitamin C.

Rose hips, the berry-like fruits that are left behind after a rose dies, contain more vitamin C—about 20 times that of an orange.8,9 In fact, it is precisely this high level of vitamin C that gives rose hips, sea buckthorn, and other fruits their potent skin-rejuvenating powers.

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