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Fish Oil - Power Supps and More - http://powersuppsandmore.com/muscle-supplements/male-enhancements/

Fish Oil
Pharmacopeia (USP) Verified

There are few supplements that have as many benefits as fish oil does.

Whether you're looking to maximize muscle building and fat loss, or simply looking to take the best pathway to optimal health

  • * Supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • * Boosts your mood
  • * Helps to maintain strong bones

Tumeric Curcumin - Power Supps and More - http://powersuppsandmore.com/muscle-supplements/male-enhancements/

Tumeric Curcumin
Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

Tumeric is often refered to as the "Queen of Spices" and is a familiar bright yellow spice that is also a powerful medicine.

Curcumin is the biologically active ingredient that's responsible for it's anit-oxidant effects, the primary ones being:.

  • * Natural Detoxifier
  • * Boosts
  • * Immunity
  • * Relieves Joint Pain
  • * Helps with Arthritis
  • * Stimulates Digestion
  • * Anti-Inflammatory

Natural Pain Relief Without the Side Effects

Six Proven Benefits From Just One of the Ingredients: Reishi
  • * Defends Against Tumor Growth and Cancer.
  • * Improves Liver Function and Detoxification.
  • * Promotes Heart Health and Balances Blood Pressure.
  • * Helps Balance Hormones and Fight Diabetes.
  • * Fights Allergies and Asthma.
  • * Reduces Risk for Infections and Viruses.

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