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Jay Cutler - http://powersuppsandmore.com

Jay Cutler

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Jay Cutler - http://powersuppsandmore.com

Jay Cutler: From Jay to Z

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Dexter Jackson

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Dexter Jackson - Unbreakable Bodybuilding

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Phil Heath
Battle for the Olympia

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Phil Heath poster

Jay Cutler – Mr. Olympia 2006-07 and 2009-10
Jason Isaac "Jay" Cutler (born August 3, 1973) is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He is a four-time Mr. Olympia winner (2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010).

Cutler worked in his brother's concrete construction business, Cutler Bros. Concrete, from the age of 11.

He began training when he was 18 years old as a senior at Wachusett Regional High School.

He graduated from Quinsigamond Community College in 1993 with a degree in criminal justice, intending to work as a corrections officer for a maximum security prison.

He was inspired to enter bodybuilding after meeting personal trainer Marcos Rodriguez. Cutler excelled in bodybuilding, desiring to be one of the largest competitors ever, and took his first overall win in 1993 at the Iron Bodies Invitational.

His first contest was the 1992 Gold's Gym Worcester Bodybuilding Championships, at which he took second place. He won consecutive Arnold Classic titles in 2002, 2003, and 2004, and placed second to Ronnie Coleman in the Mr. Olympia competition four times before claiming the title in 2006.

At the 2001 Mr. Olympia, Cutler tested positive for banned diuretics, but sued and had his second-place finish reinstated.

Cutler won the Olympia for a second consecutive year in 2007. He became the third Mr. Olympia in history (after Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu) to win the title in non-consecutive years after defeating the reigning champion Dexter Jackson in 2009.

In 2010, he won his fourth Mr. Olympia title, defeating Phil Heath.

In 2011, Cutler was runner-up to Heath at the Mr. Olympia.

In 2012, Cutler was unable to compete at the Mr. Olympia due to a biceps injury. Cutler competed in the 2013 Olympia and placed 6th.

Cutler has since focused on his business venture, Cutler Nutrition, which specializes in bodybuilding nutritional supplements.

Cutler resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been featured on the cover of several fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Flex, and Muscular Development.

Cutler married a woman named Kerry on July 9, 1998 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. They later divorced.

Dexter Jackson – Mr. Olympia 2008
Dexter "The Blade" Jackson (born November 25, 1969) is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and the 2008 Mr. Olympia bodybuilding champion. He is also the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic title holder of 9 wins, the most in history. As of 2016, Dexter Jackson is the most winningest bodybuilder in professional history. He is from Jacksonville, Florida.

At the 2007 Mr. Olympia, Jackson placed 3rd and many critics said he would not likely place any higher. On September 27, 2008, he defeated the reigning two-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler to become the 12th man to win the title, and only the second to have won it and the Arnold Classic title in the same year.

Jackson has won the Mr. Olympia title once, sharing this distinction with Chris Dickerson (1982) and Samir Bannout (1983).

2008 was a great year for Jackson, as he won the Arnold Classic, Australian Pro Grand Prix VIII, New Zealand Grand Prix, Russian Grand Prix and the Mr. Olympia. Jackson placed 3rd in the 2009 Mr. Olympia contest.

In 2012, Jackson placed 4th in the Mr. Olympia, then surprised everyone by winning that year's Masters Olympia at the age of 43 and then won his fourth Arnold Classic title in 2013.

In 2015, Jackson showed he was still a force to be reckoned with at the age of 45 when he placed 2nd at the Mr. Olympia; his highest placing since winning the Mr. Olympia in 2008.

Jackson has been featured in many fitness and bodybuilding articles, including being pictured on the cover of Muscular Development and Flex magazine.

He shot his new documentary DVD titled Dexter Jackson: Unbreakable with filmmaker Alex Ardenti of Ardenti Films in Florida and California which was released in 2009.

Phil Heath – Mr. Olympia 2011-16
Phillip "Phil" Heath (born December 18, 1979) is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and the current Mr. Olympia. He is a six-time Mr. Olympia winner, having placed 1st in the competition every year from 2011 to 2016. His 2016 Mr. Olympia win tied him with Dorian Yates for the fourth all-time number of wins behind Lee Haney (8), Ronnie Coleman (8), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (7).

Heath was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. He attended Rainier Beach High School, where he played shooting guard on the varsity basketball team. He attended the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado on a full athletic scholarship, double-majoring in information technology and business administration while playing shooting guard for Denver's Division I basketball team.

Heath entered bodybuilding in 2002. In 2005, he won the overall title at the NPC (National Physique Committee) USA Championships, earning the right to compete as an IFBB Pro.

He won his first two IFBB professional events the following year: The Colorado Pro Championships and The New York Pro Championship. In 2007, Heath placed fifth at the Arnold Classic.

Although he still qualified to compete in the 2007 Mr. Olympia contest, Heath, nevertheless, decided not to enter the contest, stating that he needed additional time to improve his form.

Heath won the 2008 Iron Man show and placed second to Dexter Jackson at the 2008 Arnold Classic. In his 2008 Mr. Olympia debut, Heath finished third to become the first novice to place in the top three since Flex Wheeler in 1993.

He was a favorite for the 2009 Mr. Olympia title, but a stomach virus caused him to arrive 6 lbs. lighter than planned on the first day, and this resulted in his taking fifth place in the competition.

In 2010, he took second place at the Mr. Olympia contest when Jay Cutler won his final title, but after improving his rear lat spread Heath defeated Cutler and became Mr. Olympia for 2011. Heath has defended the title of Mr Olympia consecutively five times since then.

In 2014, Heath secured the title of Mr. Olympia by defeating Kai Greene and Dexter Jackson, respectively.

In 2016 he won his 6th Mr. Olympia title, tying him with Dorian Yates for fourth all-time behind Lee Haney (8), Ronnie Coleman (8), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (7).

Heath has been featured in many fitness and magazine articles, and has also appeared on the cover of FLEX magazine. He has released five bodybuilding DVDs: The Gift, The Gift Unwrapped, Journey to the Olympia, Becoming the Number 13, and Operation Sandow. These were directed by Jonathan McFarlane and released by Bodybranded Films.

On June 23, 2007, Heath married Jennie Laxson. They divorced in 2015. He resides in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, where he trains at Armbrust Pro Gym.

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