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Jesus Storybook Bible- Power Supps and More - http://powersuppsandmore.com/pages-2/affiliate-stores/$20.22

The concept of Affiliate Marketing is very simple.  A company pays an affiliate a commission on each sale that a customer makes through the affiliate referring them to their business.

Therefore, if you don’t mind, whenever you want to shop at Amazon first come to my store and click on one of their products. You don’t have to buy what I’m selling, just going there from here will help me out a great deal.

For example, I’m an affiliate with Amazon so if you click on any of Amazon’s products here on my site, like The Jesus Storybook Bible to the left, you will be transferred to their store and anything you buy I will get a commission. 

If interested in Affiliate Marketing you should first read how Commission Junction explains it. You can truly make money through Affiliate Marketing but know that there is a lot of work involved and it is ongoing.

Affiliate Marketing Schoolbook - Power Supps and More - http://powersuppsandmore.com

After you see what Commission Junction says, if you are interested, I suggest you purchase Laura Burkes Schoolbook course, and yes, I will get a commission.

But that is not why I am promoting her book, I could be an affiliate for others selling Affiliate Marketing tools.  I’m promoting her book because if you’re serious about Affiliate Marketing and you need help that is your best bet.

When I first decided to get into Affiliate Marketing I read a lot of articles and took quite a few courses, which was a total waste of money. Then I found Laura Burke’s Affiliate Marketing Schoolbook and it is awesome.   The only other person that I know of that is on the up-and-up and truly knowledgable in Affiliate Marketing is Lisa Irby.

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