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To view a longer list of Amazon products click Preacher Curl Bench

Preacher Curl Bench exercises are great.  This is probably the easiest way to isolate the arm in a dumbbell workout or a EZ curl bar workout.

There isn't much to a Preacher Curl Bench and some providers try and make you think their's is awesome and they charge you over $180, like the Valor Fitness CB-6 Adjustable Arm Curl Bench, don't let them convince you that you need that when you can buy the same Preacher Bench, excluding the adjustable arm, for a tad over $60.

When I was locked up in McNeil Island we didn't have a preacher bench, but there were some old barrels and 2x4's laying around so we made that work, it looked something like this:

They do make some preacher benches with other things like the leg workout and more.  But like I said, don't let some scammer make you think you need something you don't need. 

XMark  Ab, Hyperextension and Preacher Curl Weight Bench XM-7631
List Price:$294.13
 You can get more then just that at that price, don't buy this.
XMark FID Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Preacher Curl XM-4419
List Price:$233.00
You can get more then just that at that price, don't buy this.