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About Power Supps and More

Welcome to Power Supps and More

Hello, I’m Curt Stowell. I grew up in the 70s when life was all about sex, drugs, rock-n-roll.   

Most have heard of and maybe even seen movies about the cocaine of the 70s. It was a wild time and I, like many others, got caught up in it. 

At the age of 21 I found myself in Shelton Prison in Washington State and at the age of 30 I walked out of McNeil Island a free man, basically.  That’s a long story. 

Pumping Iron in Prison

I started pumping iron at the age of 23.  Lifting weights in the joint is not quite the same as it is in a gym, it’s brutal and hard core and without supplements.  I weighed 168 lbs. and couldn’t bench press 80 pounds. But at the age of 25 I weighed 217 lbs. and my max bench was 300 pounds.

So I’ll say that in my 20’s to 30’s I was a bodybuilder (not a professional one, you can tell by the picture that I still have a neck).

Home Gym vs. Free Weights

In my 40’s I took a break from pumping iron and was a user (not necessarily a fan) of the Total Gym. It’s not a bad product, but you can’t really build muscle, you can only tone what you have and since muscle doesn’t die (thank God for that, literally) it worked for me. It’s very helpful being strong, especially as you age.

If you choose to buy a Total Gym I would go with the XLS, it’s the cheapest of those that are of any value, and hey, they all do the same thing, which is “not much.”

Swiss BallThe best way to build lean muscle is to use free weights so I tossed the Total Gym and now in my 50’s (1962) I go to the gym a couple days a week, workout with my Swiss Ball, and I dig up rocks to stay fit, big rocks like those in the pictures below.  The one to the far right is my latest.

Bodybuilding Supplements

There are many different types of bodybuilding supplements and in most cases they work.  Yet, how well they work is debatable and then there are many that are flat out bogus.

I’m not a scientist or physicist or anything of the sort but anyone can learn anything thanks to the Internet.  So I researched everything in regard to bodybuilding, weight loss, weight gain, brain and body connection, and everything in between.

Supplements - DiBar Labs - Power Supps and More - http://powersuppsandmore.comOnce I was satisfied with my findings I wrote out my recipe and drove over to Dibar Labs in Sugar Land, Texas, talked to the owner and had his scientists format my own supplement, The Muscle Maker, and it works great for me. 

Not all supplements do the same for everyone, but I believe my formula will work for everyone, but it probably won’t work the same for everyone.  Did I use “everyone” to many times? An English professor would probably have a coronary.

Supplements are powerful, but how they affect a person depends on their body and also on “the mix”. I honestly believe my formula will work for both adult men and women, but more for men. And I list ALL the ingredients, you will not see the term "Proprietary Blend" anywhere.

When people use the term "Proprietary Blend" they are saying one of two things:

1. "My product sucks but people are to stupid to know that and as long as my advertisement is good they'll pay for my worthless supplement.  I don't care about their health, I just want their money."

2. "I've listed a few good ingredients and they might work and I'll hide the fluff under 'Proprietary Blend' and they won't know."

I am so confident in The Muscle Maker that if you are not satisfied with it in 30 days return the empty bottle with the receipt and I'll give you a full-refund, no questions asked.

My Whale Rocks

Huge Rocks - Power Supps and More - http://powersuppsandmore.com

My Amazing Rock

Huge Rocks - Power Supps and More - http://powersuppsandmore.com

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