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Welcome to Power Supps and More, this is my store and I am the owner of the awesome The Muscle Maker.”

Health and Fitness is not my number one passion, it is my third.  I started bodybuilding back in the mid-80’s and I’m very thankful for that because muscle doesn’t die and when you get old it is great to still be strong.

History of Bodybuilding - Amino Acid Supplements


It is not known for certain when people came up with the concept that it would be a good idea to add muscle to the body.  History tells us that in the United States bodybuilding began around the year... ➡ 


The Circus - Amino Acid Supplements

The Circus

The circus is somewhat mysterious and many stories are told about what happens behind closed doors.  There are also different historical stories told.  One story told is that the circus was started by… ➡ 

Ancient Rome - Amino Acid Supplements

Ancient Rome

Beginning in the eighth century B.C., Ancient Rome became the largest and most powerful empire ever known. What does that have to do with bodybuilding? Maybe nothing, but we can’t forget about the… ➡ 

Here at Power Supps and More you will find many different types of supplements: bodybuilding, weight loss, male enhancement, and other health pills. 

There are also many articles that you can read for free pertaining to the history of bodybuilding, the strongman of the circus, Roman gladiators, supplements, and more to come.

I don’t believe anyone, other than God, knows everything about health and fitness, I know I don’t.  Yet, since I started pumping iron back in the 80s I know quite a bit so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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